For decades hair colourists were limited by the integrity of the hair, sometimes making our clients target shade impossible. Fine, weak and damaged hair would simply not respond well to chemical services and therefore needed additional strength and support to ensure our clients hair was as healthy at the end of the colour service as it was at the beginning.

Our prayers have finally been answered with Olaplex. A new and revolutionary treatment which has the power to transform brittle and broken hair by reconnecting the disulphide sulphur bonds broken during the colour process, thus enabling your colourist to ‘push the envelope’ without the integrity of the hair being compromised. It is because of this that Olaplex has quickly become a firm favourite with our colour artists and clients alike.

“Olaplex is without a doubt the best tool I have ever worked with. It has pushed the boundaries opening up unlimited possibilities with consistently great results. I had previously seen this product used by celebrity colour artists Tracy Cunningham and Guy Tang and literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I was astounded by its capabilities and love the strength it gives to the hair. All of my clientele have become regular olaplex users and have seen incredible results! I wouldn’t be without it!”
Katie MJ Lead Colour Artist and Educator

Olaplex FAQ

–  Answered by in salon Colour Artist and educator Katie

What can i expect from using olaplex?

Stronger hair and longevity from your colour service! Healthy hair is happy hair after all!

I don't have my hair coloured should i have olaplex?

Yes! Olaplex can be used as a treatment using water as the carrier. Bonds break all the time from heat damage and an olaplex treatment will improve the strength and quality of the hair.

Will my hair feel soft after using olaplex?

Olaplex works in the middle chambers of your hair known as the cortex. You must also balance the hair’s moisture and protein content with great hair care to smooth and nourish the cuticles. Olaplex does not replace the need for great hair care but improves strength from the inside out.

Will olaplex make my hair grow?

Many clients have found that their hair has grown as a result of regular olaplex. Stronger healthier hair means less breakage and a visual difference between haircuts.

Can you over use Olaplex?

No! olaplex is always a great idea even if you only have a few broken bonds olaplex will mend them retaining the condition of your hair.

My hair is very damaged! Can I continue with my colour service if I use Olaplex?

Olaplex gives your colourist added insurance rather than a green light! If the hair is too compromised your colourist may advise a course of olaplex treatments before your colour service to mend as many broken bonds as possible before proceeding.

How long does an olaplex treatment take?

As an addition to a colour service it will take an additional 15 minutes and as a stand alone treatment it will take 1 hour inclusive of drying time.

What happens if I stop using Olaplex?

Broken bonds are inevitable through heat styling and colour processes, even if the exterior of the hair looks healthy the internal structure can still be compromised.

Can i have a colour service at Matthew James without an olaplex treatment?

Of course! Your colour artist my recommend olaplex to you, but it is an additional service and your decision- although please be aware that very damaged hair may need olaplex to proceed safely.